COVID-19 Attendance Guideline 

Updated June 6th, 2020

We would love for you to join us for Sunday Worship Services.  ​

Here are our guidelines:

  • When entering, leaving, and moving about the church, please strive to maintain the recommended 6-foot social distance between family groups and individuals attending.

  • Please try to limit the restrooms to no more than two occupants at a time. A parent with a young child needing assistance will count as one person.

  • We will leave as many doors open as possible so as to limit the need to touch them. If you need to move through a closed door, such as the restrooms, please try to use your elbows to enter. After washing your hands, please use the towel to grasp the door handle. There will be a garbage can near the restroom doors in which to dispose of the towels.

  • Both the sanctuary and the fellowship hall may have up to 50 people in each. We will set up groups of chairs in both, maintaining the 6-foot distance. The service will be live-streamed in the fellowship hall. All other rooms are limited to 10 people.

  • Young children are, as always, more than welcome. However, we will not be providing children's church or nursery for the next several weeks. The nursery will be open for mothers of young children and the service will be live-streamed.

  • The wearing of masks at all times by all attendees is strongly recommended. Out of a joyous desire to honor the Lord, submit to our governing authorities and love our neighbors, please give this serious consideration. The exceptions are children under 2 years of age and those with relevant health conditions. We have masks available at church for those needing them.

  • Those who are leading the worship and speaking from the riser and pulpit area are not required to wear masks while so doing. Thus, there will be a larger distance between the riser and the nearest chairs.

  • The church will not be providing any food or beverages and the drinking fountain will not be available over the next several weeks. You are free to bring your own for you and your family, but please do not share.

  • When observing the Lord's Supper over the next couple of months, prepackaged elements will be provided.

  • Regarding financial gifts, the offering boxes are available near the sanctuary doors. Please try not to touch the box while giving your offering. Please also consider giving electronically through the "give" link on the homepage of the church website at

  • The facility will be thoroughly cleaned and hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the building.

  • If you or anyone in your family are feeling ill, please stay home and worship with us through the live-stream.

Here is a link to Governor Polis' executive order and be encouraged to read through it yourselves:


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