The highest office of the local New Testament Church is that of Elder, which can be also understood as Pastor, Bishop, or Shepherd.  The spiritual authority of South Boulder Bible Church rests with the elders.


Responsibility of the elders:

  1. Oversee all the teachings within the various ministries of the church

  2. Guard the doctrine and life of the Church

  3. Direct the administration of the ordinances of the Church which are Baptism and the Lord's Supper

  4. Watch over the spiritual health of the Church, including pursuing biblical discipline as necessary.


Eric Ellis
Josh Vaughn
Hal Miller


The Deacons are to supervise and facilitate the adminstrative and physical aspects of the Church as well as assist the Elders in any duties deemed necessary by the Elders.

Kort Hedges
Diz Carter
Joe Bartman



  Eric Ellis
   Lead Pastor
Josh Vaughn
Associate Pastor
of Family Ministries
Cathy Hobbs